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People who are eligible for the Household Support Fund need to claim by 15

February. The scheme provides a one-off payment in supermarket e-vouchers to

help pay for food and other essentials. In January letters were sent to more than

23,000 North Yorkshire residents who met the eligibility criteria and thousands have

already claimed their payment. People have until 15 February to claim and are being

urged to do so if they haven’t already.


Please check with family members if they’ve had a letter and haven’t claimed yet.

Anyone who is less confident with technology will find information in their letter about

support available through borough and district council offices and North Yorkshire

libraries. For more information about the Household Support Fund, including our

online checker to find out if you're eligible and claim your vouchers, visit

If you need support accessing your household support voucher, you can pop into The Place or Settle Library.



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